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Welcome to Travel Writers' Tales, an independent travel article syndicate that offers affordable and professionally written travel articles to newspaper editors and publishers. Over the course of a 52 week term, we will meet your need for travel copy, whether it is one story a week, bi-weekly or monthly. We provide two CD ROMs, each covering your six month supply. The lively and up-to-date travel stories are written by accredited travel writers. As well as diversified destinations, the compilation of articles is thematically selected to suit the calendar year. The pre-packaged CD ROMs not only simplify publishing deadlines, but also promote increased advertising sales on a monthly basis. Travel Writers' Tales offers the discerning armchair traveler, as well as the active adventure seeker, glimpses into the excitement and mystery of worlds that lie beyond our horizons.

If we are always arriving and departing, it is also true that we are eternally anchored. One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.
....Henry Miller (1891–1980)

August 2015
by Irene Butler

My husband Rick and I are cruising along one of the many canals radiating out from central Amsterdam like silky blue ribbons joined with solid stitches of bridges to the tapestry of land. Captain Frank is adept at maneuvering our Blue Boat past breathtaking scenery while we listen to more tidbits about this historic city. ... read more »

by Margaret Deefholts

Despite warnings about Beijing’s pollution, the scene from my Ritz Carlton Hotel suite’s windows on this April morning, encompass clear blue skies above a panoramic view of the city’s financial district. In a courtyard below, citizens practise Tai Chi exercises, their elongated forms in the bright sunlight, twisting and bending in a seemingly choreographed shadow-play. ... read more »


by Lauren Kramer

Our jeep is stationary and I’m marveling at the scenery when I feel someone nuzzling my back very gently. Turning slowly I find myself eye to eye with an adult zebra whose broad smile displays a set of large, yellow teeth. His message is clear: “Corn, please, ma’am!” ... read more »

by Chris McBeath

Without the Red Star Line, the likes of Fred Astaire and Irving Berlin may never have inspired our creative world so expansively; former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir may never stepped onto the world stage, and without Arthur Murray my Aunt Julie may never have learned to Waltz. These were just a handful of the roughly 60 million migrants who left Germany and Eastern Europe between 1815-1940 in the hope of a better life in the New World: North America. ... read more »

by Jane Cassie

When Mother Nature opens her floodgates, all you can do is go with the flow. Two years ago my husband and I were on a Viking European river cruise, but because of high waters we bussed more than we boated. Although it had been disappointing, the company did everything they could to make sure the trip was memorable and gave us a partial refund to use on a future booking. Well, here we are, back again, this time to cruise Southern France. ... read more »

July 2015
by Margaret Deefholts

Across the gray waters of the Gastineau Channel the mountains are humpbacked shadows, with thin skeins of cloud drifting across their summits. The Norwegian Sun is the only cruise ship on Juneau’s wharf today, and despite the thin drizzle, passengers continue to flock down the ramp. They wear yellow rain-slickers over thick jackets or hooded parkas as a defense against the rapier-sharp Alaskan wind. ... read more »

Story and Photos by Barry Truter

Xin Chao (good-day): Greetings from Laos, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic. I’ve been riding local buses across northern Thailand to the Mekong River and the Laos border town of Houei Xia. Now I'm traveling down the Mekong on a slow boat. The river is broad with sandy banks, at times narrowing to rocky channels. The vegetation is lush and green, the area sparsely populated. ... read more »

SUN PEAKS SUMMER A Wildflower Wonderland
By Chris Millikan

A getaway to B.C.’s interior introduces us to Sun Peaks in summer where comfortable lodgings in the heart of the village make a perfect ‘base camp’ for alpine hiking. Nestling amid three mountains, the charming town center conjures thoughts of fairytale villages in Austria’s Alps. Pastel three-story buildings embrace a winding, brick-paved mall. Decorative trimmings, window boxes filled with red geraniums and simple signage embellishes facades. Like our inn, many boast balconies. Arcades open onto specialty shops, boutiques, galleries and cafés with al fresco seating. Luscious ham and tomato crepes for breakfast on one such patio kick off our first morning. ... read more »

by Colleen Friesen

The odds of having a great Whistler weekend increase exponentially if you start by sabraging off the top of a champagne bottle in the Bearfoot Bistro's wine cellar. And, if you end that evening in a Pan Pacific Mountainside suite after multiple courses of divine tastes and velvety glasses of red wine at the aforementioned Bearfoot Bistro; and if the evening also included four chilly tastings in the -32 degree Celsius Vodka Room while snuggled into a Canada Goose jacket's alright. ... read more »

June 2015
by Jane Cassie

His pearly white smile contrasts with his ebony-rich skin. He saunters barefoot, showing no urgency about getting anywhere (or at any time), and the slogan on his T-shirt depicts him to a tee. Although the catchphrase, "There's a little Carib in all of us" is advertising the island's local beer, by the end of our Grenada visit, it signifies a much deeper meaning. ... read more »

by Lauren Kramer

A chill settles over my body as the dark tunnel swallows me and my bike. I pedal hard, pushing for the light at the end of the 1.66-mile dungeon and keeping a sharp lookout for deer, moose and elk. The animals are elusive on the day I'm burrowing into the innards of Idaho's Bitterroot Mountains, but the tunnel's moisture leaves me a triumphant stripe of mud down my back. ... read more »

by Cherie Thiessen

At the heel of Italy's stylish boot, the southeastern part of the region of Puglia, is the Salento Peninsula, consisting of historic towns, olive groves, fields, broad plains, vineyards and low lying hills. My companion David and I like low lying hills because today we need to cycle 60 kilometres of them en route to the easternmost town in Italy, the Roman town of Otranto. ... read more »

by Donna Yuen

The tiny Vietnamese village of My Hoi is not on any tourist map. Nor is it on the typical tourist itinerary. Fortunately, it's on mine. Located 130 kilometres south of Ho Chi Minh City in Tien Giang Province, My Hoi is a poverty stricken town of eight thousand people. During this visit to Vietnam, a fellow Canadian friend has invited me to join a group of thirty volunteers consisting primarily of Ho Chi Minh doctors and a few Canadians. Rural villages surrounding My Hoi have also been informed that we will be coming to help. Approximately four hundred people are patiently waiting when we arrive. They are in desperate need of medical treatment, pharmaceuticals and household basics. Upon arrival, the doctors immediately go to their pre-arranged stations where tables and chairs have been set up for medical exams. The remaining volunteers unload the toys, blankets, and food from the truck. They work like well-oiled machines. I can see it's not their first time doing this. ... read more »

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